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CD: Elytra

A Cybernetic Opera by Ethos

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  1. Play
  2. Sspitt to the Non-Wheelers
  3. New Gold Enterprise
  4. The Conjuration of Karrnika
  5. The Awakening of Karnika
  6. Shadow Voices 1
  7. The Bad Ants
  8. The Good Ants
  9. The Plague of Embryonic Slumber
  10. On the Surface of Heaven’s Ocean
  11. The Camera Snail
  12. The House of Strings
  13. Lampyria
  14. The Shadow of Euphoria
  15. Diagnostics


  1. The Frozen Sun
  2. The Vertigo Flesh
  3. The fFrst of Charm
  4. The Tongue Explains
  5. Wicked Rose of Midnight’s Garden
  6. The Fruits of Heaven
  7. Crown of Blue
  8. The Pearl of Inertia
  9. Examination of the Ants
  10. The War of Light
  11. Shadow Voices
  12. Exquisite Drain
  13. Pause
  14. Drift
Composer Chad Salvata
Musicians Chad Salvata, Sergio R Santayoa, Matthew Patterson, Jubal Lee McDaniel, Kumiko Tsutsui, Taylor Sierra McDaniel
Vocalists Anderson Dear, Susanne Abbott, Erika May, Eryn Gettys, Ellen Kolsto

Sergio R Samayoa

Year 2000