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CD: Erica Zann

Erica Zann

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  1. Overture
  2. The Music of Erica Zann
  3. I Love Paris
  4. My Little Lost Lamb
  5. Sweaty Sheets
  6. Music from the Attic
  7. Roses Ripe with Thorns
  8. Tell me of the Music
  9. Good Evening Erica
  10. Mozart Sonata (excerpt)
  11. This is Not the Music
  12. Pardon Me Monsieur
  13. Why Return for This
  14. Give it to Me Now
  15. Cruel Emergency
  16. The Last that I Remember
  17. A New Fix
  18. Roses Ripe Reborn
  19. Open Up Erica
  20. All You Need Is Me
  21. Future Tenses
  22. Erica’s Voice
Composer Edmund Pantuliano
Lyrics Mick D’arcy
Performers E Dale Smith, Scott Swanson, Sandy Blue, Mariam Hembrook, Alex Krigsfeld
Piano Arrangements Alex Krigsfeld
Year 2002