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Vortex Sponsors Really cool people who support really cool theatre.
Please tell them "Thank You" for supporting the Vortex!

VISIONARIES | Over $5000
Conoly Watson
Eloise Cullum
Jim Cullum
Brad Butler
The Brooks Albert Co.
Mary Jones

HURRICANES | $1000-$4999
Royce I. Hammond
Lorella Loftus
Samantha Scott
Suzanne McAnna
Susan Kelso
Alex Krigsfeld
Aaron Brown
John Steven Rodriguez
Gerrell Moore

CYCLONES | $500-$999
James Laljer
Brigid Beth Kelly
Conoly P. Watson Family Trust

WHIRLWINDS | $100-$499
Chris Jimmerson
Jessica Cohen
Nancy Webb Kelly
Jennifer Underwood
Charles Chidress & Nancy O'Neil
Patricia Wappner
Ross A. Smith
Rob Nash
Kerry Wappner
Kirk & Rose Smith
Suzanne Sutherland
Heather Barfield Cole
Dianne Duncan
Mark Everett
Barry Perkins
Betsy McCann
Stephen Kubenka
Michelle Fowler
Tim Moore
Anthony Woodbury
Karen Kuykendall
Tejas Web
David & Clair Condon
Tina Potter
George B. Slade
Pamela Genova
Anita Tritico
Jacqueline Cohn
Paula Gilbert
Leslie Smart

STORMS | up to $99
Ken Sheparson
Rebeccalyn Bilodeau
Lucy Jennings
Bianca Taulman
Joseph & Barbara Fowler
Joel & Elisa Sumner
Jessica Nickel
Melissa Vogt
Mark Van Hout
Andrea Wagnon
Capital Advisory Consultant
Steve Laban
Dianna C. Phillips
Henry Fitzgerald
Steve Boghici
Steven R. Frandon Trust
Sharon Stuart
Edmund Pantuliano
Terri Lynn Bach
Erika Haynes
Lonnie Lepp
Steward Johnson
Patricia Smart
Margaret Harle

And thank you to the countless artist, volunteers, theatre goers, and performers who throughout the year support our endeavors and contribute to our growth.


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