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Awards Summary 1989-2008

  • Alpha Omega Award (The X&Y Trilogy, an epic series of cybernetic operas)
  • Artistic Commitment Award (The X&Y Trilogy)
  • Bold and Brave Award
  • 2 "Best of Austin" Chronicle Awards for Best Director (Bonnie Cullum)
  • Best Avant-garde Theatre
  • Best Theatre Program for Kids (Summer Youth Theatre)
  • Best Theatre for Kids That Treats Kids Like Grown-ups (Summer Youth)
  • Best Shaper of New Worlds (Bonnie Cullum)
  • Best Dazzler (Jason Amato)
  • Best Place to Find the Theatrical Edge
  • Best Developing Entertainment District
  • Best Arts Venue That's Way Out There and Close to Home
  • City of Austin Cultural Contracts since 1990

B. Iden Payne & Austin Critics’ Table Awards

Awards for Outstanding Production
Wake for the Dark Poet: The Antonin Artaud Project
Twelfth Night (Sneck Up! Productions & VORTEX Repertory Company)
Machinal (Summer Youth Theatre)
Moby Dick (Summer Youth Theatre)

Awards for Outstanding Directing
A Thought in Three Parts: Josh Meyer, Matt Hislope, and Carlos Travino
Holes Before Bedtime: Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Bonnie Cullum
Moby Dick: Bonnie Cullum
Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: Bonnie Cullum
The Frogs: Clay Towery
King Lear: Bonnie Cullum (1st Choice Award)

Awards for Outstanding Acting
Hamlet: Michelle Flanagan (Featured Actress)
Vampyress: Betsy McCann (Supporting Actress in a Musical)
Vampyress: Melissa Vogt-Patterson (Lead Actress in a Musical)
Dark Goddess: The Furies - Michelle Flanagan, Miriam Gould Robinson, Katrina Ellsworth (Ensemble)
Wake for the Dark Poet: Betsy McCann & Melissa Vogt
Medea: Paula Gilbert, Wendy Goodwin, Regina Yunker, Betsy McCann (Ensemble)
The Visit: Taylor Flanagan (Youth Performance)
Vitriol and Violets: Kathleen Fletcher (Youth Actress)
Holes Before Bedtime: Cole Wimpee (Supporting Actor)
hOle: Jo Beth Henderson (Featured Actress)
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Kirk Smith (Lead Actor in a Musical)
Moby Dick: Stewart Johnson (Youth Actor)
Moby Dick: Elizabeth Doss (Youth Actress)
Rob Nash Does Romeo and Juliet: Rob Nash (Comedy)
Shopping and Fucking: Stephanie Swenson
Shopping and Fucking: Clay Towery
The Holy Cross Quadrilogy: Rob Nash (Valedictorian Award)
Fur: Stephanie Swenson (Lead Actress)
Twelfth Night: Martin Burke
Steel Kiss: Eric Porter (Featured Actor)
The Baltimore Waltz: Patricia Wappner (Lead Actress)
The Baltimore Waltz: Matthew Patterson (Suppporting Actor/Multiple Roles)

Awards for Outstanding Original Score
Dragonfly Princess; Chad Salvata
Vampyress: Chad Salvata
Pythia Dust: Chad Salvata
The Deluge: Kirk Smith
Faustus: Kirk Smith

Awards for Outstanding Original Script
Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: Kirk Smith
Sophomore Slump: Rob Nash

Awards for Outstanding Scenic Design
St. Enid and the Black Hand: Ann Marie Gordon
The Deluge: Ann Marie Gordon
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Ann Marie Gordon

Awards for Outstanding Lighting Design
Trickster: Jason Amato
Ghost From a Perfect Place: Jason Amato
Sleeping Beauty: Jason Amato
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Jason Amato
The Deluge: Jason Amato
Panoptikon: Jason Amato
Triskelion: Jason Amato
Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities: Jason Amato
Fur: Jason Amato

Awards for Outstanding Sound Design
Dark Goddess '04: Ensemble
Medea: Edmund Pantuliano & Blaine Indemaio
Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Kirk Smith & Ken Burchenal
The X&Y Trilogy: Chad Salvata
Machinal: Chad Salvata
Faustus: Kirk Smith

Awards for Outstanding Costume Design
Dark Goddess '02: Kari Perkins
Triskelion: Chad Salvata and Andrea Lauer

Award for Outstanding Special Theatrical Event
Bell(e): The Museum of Suicide Machinery

Award for Outstanding Multi-Media
Black Blood

Award for Excellence in Puppetry
Wake for the Dark Poet

Award for Outstanding Touring Production
Heather Woodbury Whatever


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