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The VORTEX is revered around the world as a haven for alternative performance, producing original cutting-edge work by nationally-recognized guest artists.

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

Kathryn Blume
Kathryn's is co-founder of the the Lysistrata Project. Her work is laced with wit and impossible optimism for socio-political observations and deft sketches of determined, defiant woment around the world.

Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez is a performer, a dancer, a teacher, and teller of tales, that merge the real and the fantastic, the funny and the poignant, the familiar and the forbidden.

Kathrine Chronis

Quentin Crisp
Considered Oscar Wilde's perfect descendant, with his calculated caustic words, open homosexuality and wittily provocative attitude toward any kind of conventionality. He was "the face of a modern rebel".

Ani DiFranco
With a voice that can rock the boat one minute and the cradle the next, Ani DiFranco has a sound like no other. In performance she never ceases to stun and stagger her audience with her famous hundred-fifty watt smile and easy laughter juxtaposed against the brutal poetics of her lyrics and the reckless manhandling of her guitar.

Jade Esteban Estrada
Talent in Motion Magazine states “this brilliant musician is quickly rising to become one of the most historical figures in American pop culture.”

Harold Finley

Karen Finley
Her work onstage smashes stereotypes of Performance Art. Finley takes her audiences through contemporary terrain at an accelerated pace, her performances tend towards religious frenzy, complete with potent, quasi-spiritual transformation.

The Flirtations
The Flirtations were a proudly gay a cappella group that toured the world from 1988 to 1997. They performed on HBO and Good Morning America, and at Carnegie Hall, the Capitol Mall for the '93 March on Washington, and at Yankee Stadium for the opening of the Gay Games. They also sang in the film Philadelphia. They had 13 different incarnations over the years.

Maggie Gallant
British-born actor/performer. She has garnered a following in Austin as a stand-up comedian.

Heather Gold
Heather Gold uses humor, storytelling, and audience participation to create an intimate community in which to explore universal subjects, promoting connection and inclusion with her viewers.

Katherine Griffith

Deborah Hay
Hay’s work redefines the inimitable choreographic method of her solo pieces in collaboration with highly trained dancers. In 2004 she received a NYC Bessie award for her choreography of the quartet The Match. her latest book "My Body, the Buddhist" is an introspective series of reflections on the major lessons of life that she has learned from her body while dancing.

Holly Hughes
A lesbian feminist performance artist and playwright with a flair for telling the outrageous stories of everyday lesbian life. Hughes' work is meant to create controversy, to shake audiences out of their complacency, and to provoke movement and thought.

Jump-Start Performance Company
Dedicated to the discovery and support of new ideas in the arts and arts education. By encouraging visionary thought and non-traditional approaches, Jump-Start is committed to the creation of art that is a lasting voice of diverse cultures and communities.

Michael Kearns

Tim Miller
A Los Angeles-based performance artist who began his career as a dancer and has been at the forefront of AIDS activism in the closely allied spheres of dance and performance art.

Zell Miller III
Award winning playwright. Zell’s most recent play The Evidence of Silence Broken was nominated for two Austin Critics’ Table Awards: the David Mark Cohen New Play Award for best original script; and outstanding lead actor in a drama. Zell is also a key artist with Xenogia, a poetry collective.

Rob Nash
Not standup, not monologue, not performance art, Nash describes his work as "serial ensemble theatre performed solo." Rob's work includes epic high school dramady, epic family tragicomedy, and out stand up comedy.

Penny Arcade
Performing extensively for decades, collaborating with many great artists including Andy Warhol, John Vaccaro, Jack Smith, Jackie Curtis, Charles Ludlam, H.M. Koutoukas, Tom O’ Horgan, and Quentin Crisp. Most recently she has been creating new work with dance and performance companies in Europe. Penny is a tireless artist advocate and free speech activist.

Pomo Afro Homo

She has over 30 years of experience performing on stage, film, public television and radio, and teaching her unique theatre program to with ages 4-adult. Reppy is a professional actor, voice actor, playwright, composer, songwriter, singer, pianist, producer, performance and relationship coach, trainer, counselor, and workshop leader.

Annie Sprinkle
Holding a PhD in Human Sexuality, former porn star explores the evolution of porn, combining theatre and film for an amazing social-political chronicle of her career including her work in feminist pornography.

Sandy Stone

Greg Walloch
In the vein of Spalding Gray, Sandra Burnhard and David Sedaris, Greg Walloch's show consists of semi-autobiographical life and times monologues. On a bare stage, stripped down and unplugged, the power of Walloch's work is simply his story.

Heather Woodbury
An award-winning and critically acclaimed playwright and performer, Heather Woodbury has forged a unique kind of drama that combines the immediacy of performance art with the narrative structure and subtle characterizations of a novel.

If you're a artist who has performed at the VORTEX and would like a link to your personal site, have a question about the gallery, or more photos to add please email us. This section is updated quarterly.


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